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Dies means that a great many and extra thick axons contains the anterior CC area axons which connects the frontal cortex and there especially the motor and areas of both cerebral hemispheres, has been, or is suspected that in music lyrics search pro hemispheric exchange of information between these two brain areas musicians particularly efficiently conducted. Is considered that a particularly efficient inter hemispheric information exchange (which can also mean efficient inhibition; see below) is quite plausible between these brain regions in musicians, for musicians (especially pianists, strings, brass, drums, etc.) have very often provide special bilateral manuals services the precondition fine tuning of both brain hemispheres. 

I'm part of a new study to structural abnormalities in professional musicians a new anatomical analysis method (diffusion tensor imaging, DTI) was used to peculiarities of the white matter to. This method succeeds, single cable but also cable systems based on specific DTI images to. Die calculation of the fiber systems. Based on the law precisely measured an axon, which usually of a sealing layer of fat is music lyrics search surrounded, the water can only along the cable in two directions. Is the large, while in cavities such as the ventricles, the is large. Water can in the latter areas practically in all directions. The relatively new DTI method succeeds, the in the white matter in the living brain to. This method could et al.

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(2005) show that pianists which had begun in early childhood with the piano training, on differentiated association and projection tracts (more differentiating pyramidal tracts) have as non-musicians and those musicians who. Started later with the music training this group difference was also a linear relationship between the differentiation are the association and projection tracts provides (onset the more differentiated the pop songs list association and projection tracts). Is also this study that structural modifiers requirements of the human brain are particularly striking, earlier the musicians started music training. That are involved in motor, auditory and spatial control processes are in professional musicians structurally. Die structural changes relate to increased volumes of gray matter, as well as increased density mass of gray.

Changes may also in the white matter especially in the front corpus but. Die identified in other association and projection tracts most anatomical studies have shown an association between the onset of musical training music lyrics search and the extent of anatomical changes (the sooner the more intense). Under functional brain plasticity, the functional adaptation of the musician brain to the musical needs to be considered here. To this end, much more work has been published in the scientific literature, as work on structural adjustments. So it will not be possible to discuss the entire width of publication on this topic in the context of this summary.

For this reason, the more recent and especially meaningful music lyrics search from the point of view of the author's work will be shown. Functional features of the brain of musicians were using classic methods such as EEG, MEG, and more recently investigated by TMS. Increasingly, however, even modern imaging techniques are used which essentially cortical blood flow changes in musicians measure (functional magnetic resonance imaging: positron emission tomography PET).